General terms and conditions of purchase


These conditions apply to the purchase of goods by consumers from Ernst Alexis/Nytello via website, e-mail or telephone.

You are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the personal data you provide when using our websites. You are also responsible for ensuring that no one gains access to your login details.
We are the data controller for the processing of personal data you provide in connection with the use of our websites. Information on how we process your personal data can be found in the Ernst Alexis Personal Data Policy.

Orders are binding. When ordering via the website, you will first automatically receive an order confirmation, which only means that the order has been received by the system. Once the order has been registered, whether by website, e-mail or telephone, you will receive an order acknowledgement and only then will a purchase contract be concluded. If you do not receive an order acknowledgement, you must contact us as soon as possible, preferably by e-mail.

Information on our websites is provided to facilitate your purchase decision and is updated regularly. We reserve the right to make typographical errors and other inaccuracies. If we discover that an incorrect price has been quoted for a product you have ordered, we will notify you and await your acceptance of the corrected price before proceeding with the purchase.

We occasionally offer promotions and offers for certain products. For products included in such promotions, the more favorable prices or conditions apply for the period indicated or while stocks last. Promotions and offers cannot be combined with other discounts unless explicitly stated. We reserve the right to cancel promotions and offers at any time.

As a customer you pay via Klarna and can choose to pay by direct payment, invoice or partial payment, more information can be found in Klarna's terms and conditions. Klarna collects cookies and shares some personal data (read more).

Normal delivery time is 2-3 working days for goods stored in our central warehouse. In the event of any delays, we will inform you as far as possible of the reason for the delay and the new estimated delivery date. Delivery is made to the address and in the way you specify in connection with the order. The delivery cost is reported before you complete the order.
In the case of unfulfilled deliveries, we reserve the right to charge a fee for shipping and administrative costs. If the actual shipping cost exceeds the standard cost stated below, we have the right to charge the actual cost.

Unfortunately, sometimes damage occurs during delivery. You must therefore carefully check your shipment upon receipt by verifying that you have received the correct number of packages and that all parts are undamaged. If the goods are obviously damaged, do not accept them, or immediately notify the postman or carrier that the goods are damaged.

You have the right to cancel your purchase if you notify us within 14 days. The time is counted from the day after you receive the goods. If the 14th day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the next working day will instead be the last day of the period.
To make use of the right of withdrawal, you must send a clear message that you want to withdraw from the agreement (or use the Swedish Consumer Agency's withdrawal form) by e-mail to us. Along with the notification, you also need to attach proof of purchase from us, preferably a copy of the receipt. You can choose to use your right of withdrawal only for part of your order and the purchase will then continue to apply to the other parts of the order.

The right of withdrawal only applies to unused goods. If you handle the goods in a way that is not necessary to examine them before returning them, we may be entitled to compensation for the loss of value of the goods. The right of withdrawal does not apply to goods with a broken seal that cannot be returned for health or hygiene reasons, such as underwear, or to specially ordered garments, such as custom prints.
Please note that not collecting a package or not taking delivery is not considered an exercise of the right of withdrawal.

If the delivery is delayed or if an item is missing, damaged or faulty, you must notify us by e-mail, known as a complaint. In the message, you need to describe what you consider to be wrong and attach proof of when and that the goods were purchased from us, preferably through a copy of the receipt.
Please note that complaints only relate to defects due to an original defect in a product, e.g. manufacturing or production defects, and not normal wear and tear or damage due to handling errors. Complaints, including complaints during the warranty period, also do not apply if the product has been used after a defect has been discovered, if the product has been dismantled, rebuilt or has external influences, if there is damage caused by liquids or shocks, or if the product has not been maintained according to the service intervals specified by us.
You can ask us to repair the defect, send an equivalent replacement product, make a price reduction or reimburse you for repairing the defect yourself. In serious cases, you have the right to cancel the purchase and get your money back. We do not reimburse costs for rental machines or similar while a complaint or service case is pending.

You must send your complaint within a reasonable time after you noticed or should have noticed the fault, normally within 2 months. You have a legal right to complain about a product up to 3 years after the purchase, but after the first 6 months (or the longer warranty period we offer for some products, see below) you need to be able to prove that it is an original fault. On some items we offer a warranty period, for these items the warranty period is stated specifically for each item. The warranty period means that the burden of proof that it is an original fault is extended from the 6 months stated above, to the specifically stated warranty period.
If the item requires an investigation and it turns out that the item does not meet the requirements for a valid complaint or warranty claim, we reserve the right to charge an investigation fee and a fee to return the item to you. A cost proposal for this will be provided before the investigation begins.
If we do not receive a response from you in a complaint or service case after 3 months, the case is considered closed and any returned goods belong to us.

In order to fulfill your complaint, right of withdrawal or warranty claim, you must return the product within 14 days of contacting us in the matter. Returns should be addressed to our warehouse in Dalsjöfors.
Goods that you return must be unused, complete and sent back in the undamaged original box. Remember to use appropriate packaging so that the box or the product is not damaged during transportation. If you have handled a product in a way that has reduced its value, we have the right to deduct the reduction in value from the refund.
You pay the cost of return shipping when using the right of withdrawal. The cost of return shipping in case of a valid complaint or valid warranty claim is paid by us.

If you are not satisfied with us, you can contact the National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN). In the event of a dispute, we follow ARN's recommendations. You can also contact your municipality's consumer guidance service or the Swedish Consumer Agency's information service "Hallå Konsument" for advice and information.


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