Processing of personal data


1.a Below is described how Ernst Alexis AB VAT. Nr. 559255-1864 with address Stationsvägen 2, 516 31 Dalsjöfors handles personal data.
1.b Protection of privacy is a topic that is prioritized by us. That is why it is important for us to protect your personal data and assure us that our handle of personal data is in a correct and legal way.
1.c In this personal data policy we explain what type of personal data we can keep and what our purpose is for keeping it. We also state our handle of personal data and what choices and rights you have regarding these. We ask you to read our policy carefully to understand its content.
1.d Please note that this policy regards handle of personal data for which Ernst Alexis is responsible. This means that we take responsibility for the handle of your personal data. It also means that it is directly to us you should turn with eventual questions you have regarding this information.
1.e These regulations regarding the handle of personal data is used when we treat personal data collected from you.


As a contact person for a company that buys goods from us or are a supplier for us this following information can be stored about you:

(1) name;
(2) e-mail address;
(3) telephone number;
(4) address;
(5) customer number/supplier number;
(6) information about your employer;
(7) your title;


3.a Regarding you as a contact person at a business customer or supplier of Ernst Alexis we treat your personal data in section 2 above for purpose to administrate our customer and supplier relations, deliver goods, sales support and marketing. In situations where Ernst Alexis sells goods or services to a company that you are contact person at, the treatment occurs as necessary to fulfill our business with you.
3.b Regarding contact persons at business customers and suppliers we treat your personal data in section 2 above for statistic and analysis of sales.
3.c Regarding you as an individual that voluntarily publish information on Ernst Alexis social medias we treat your personal data, section 2 above, for the reason to administrate customer relations and for marketing of our goods and services.


4.a Regarding information voluntarily published on Ernst Alexis social medias, that every user has the possibility to remove without Ernst Alexis involvement, Ernst Alexis holds no responsibility to remove in a specific time frame.
4.b Regarding you as a contact person at a customer or supplier we keep your personal data as long as necessary to fulfill the reason for treatment. If a relation with a customer or a supplier cease to exist we store your personal data for 6 months from the point when we got information about it. Personal data for marketing purpose is stored until you object to this.
4.c We always handle your personal data in the extent and under the timeframe we are obliged to do according to the law. An example of this is personal data that is necessary to secure correct bookkeeping. This information is saved for seven years after the accounting event took place.
4.d When the personal data is no longer necessary to fulfill its purpose it is erased from our systems.


5.a We can hand out your personal data to companies working with our records, for example invoicing records, IT-systems or freight information. In that case a personal data advisor policy secures that your personal data is treated in line with this policy.


Our systems are developed with focus on your integrity and secures in a very high degree against intrusion and protects your identity. We have good routines for IT-security to secure your personal information.


7.a You have the right to a confirmation about the handle of personal data regarding you. Also to get access to these and information about how these are handled.
7.b You have the right to get wrongfully personal data corrected by us without unnecessary delay. You also have the right in some cases to complement incomplete personal data.
7.c You have the right in some cases to get your personal date deleted by us if the information is no longer necessary to fulfill its purpose, or if the personal data is used in an illegal way.
7.d You have the right in some cases to demand that we limit the information about your personal data.
7.e You have the right to make objections against the treatment of your personal data. In this case we need to demonstrate more entitled reasons then your objections to be able to continue the treatment of your data.
7.f You have the right to object the treatment of your personal data when it comes to direct marketing. In that case we will no longer use your personal data for this purpose.
7.g You have the right in some cases to receive the personal data in an electronic format. You have the right to transfer these to another person responsible for personal data storage.
7.h If you have any comments on our treatment of your personal data you are welcome to contact us. You also have the right to submit complaints about the treatment of your personal data to the Data Inspection.


We could make changes to this personal data policy. If we do so we will publish this updated policy on our webpage. In case of this we ask you to carefully read this.


To update, correct or erase information we have about you, you are welcome to contact us at