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Nytello has been designing and manufacturing lightweight workwear for more than 75 years. We are proud to supply comfortable and functional quality products at great prices. At Nytello, the focus is always on the customer and the customer’s needs. We always listen to our customers and develop our collections based on our customers’ requests and requirements. Most of all, we like that our comfortable garments are what you wear to work. Every day. This makes us very proud!

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About Nytello

Tailor Ivar Johansson in Fritsla considered function to be a word of honour. He started manufacturing clothes at the Nya Textilfabriken factory in Fritsla in 1938, and from the very beginning he spent a lot of time selecting fabrics that were soft and comfortable, and creating styles that followed the body’s movements. He wanted the clothes to feel good, quite simply. Ivar was rewarded for his tenacity in 1955, when Nya Textilfabriken was awarded the contract to manufacture the “nurse’s dress” for nearly all the nurses in the country. His idea had been proven right and the textile plant saw an upturn after a few tough years during the war. Our first bestselling garment in the Nursing and Healthcare segment was the start of our current focus on workwear for nursing, cleaning, kitchens, dentistry and several other occupations in the service industry In 1971, the company changed name to Nytello AB, and since 2011 we have been part of Grolls AB.